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August 30, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 16

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A sillier bridge page, as the action continues. Not really much more to say.

August 6, 2010

The Time…

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I recently had the chance to work on a page of artwork for my friend Brian Bradley for a work of his called “The Time…” It’s a pretty clever idea, with a number of different artists all working on it, including a few of my friends from Alpha-Omega.  The page I offered is towards the end.  Here’s the unlettered original, and the final version is linked on the site.  I think what Brian did here was a clever idea in terms of mixed media/mixed artists and the end result is very unique.

The Time...

July 27, 2010

December Sun at the Fabler

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Old issue #4 artworkIssue #1 of December Sun is now posted over at The Fabler, which is a repository of webcomics online.  I guess this is like a ‘Drunk duck’ alternative that hosts various different webcomics of different genres, and looks like its still in the early stages as the selection is pretty skimpy currently.  I’ll say this though – I do like the navigation controls of the site in terms of flipping through each title – in fact, I wish I had something like that here on my own site.

March 24, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 6

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I’m late this week again, sorry. I usually post these every Monday morning, but things have just been busy lately.

In the comic, the battle begins…

January 5, 2010

Why December Sun is a “Hobby” Webcomic

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Here’s an interesting article on webcomic publishing that, in many ways illustrates the futility of publishing a webcomic. Humorously titled “Webcomic Promotion: Why You Might as Well Give Up“, it offers a nice overview of the overwhelming futility in ever “making it” with a webcomic, while at the same time offering a positive and somewhat encouraging conclusion.

With December Sun, I just publish this comic for fun, once a week, and honestly doubt I’ll ever see anything come of it (Spielberg and Lucas have yet to contact me about it.) But even though it’s been mostly fruitless financially as an exercise, I’ve still enjoyed the comic creation and posting, the comments and folks I’ve met, as well as the technical hurdles of working with WordPress and 1&1. I don’t plan on giving it up any time soon, and I’ve got quite a few more pages on the way, with stories that reach pretty far.

November 23, 2009

An imaginary interview with Steven Spielberg

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Speilberg - the one who will buy the rights to December Sun.... someday...Spielberg: Hey Rob, I checked out your webcomic site, and while I think there’s a great idea there that could be ruined by a big-budget Hollywood motion picture, I’m just not interested in this time.

Rob: But why, Mr. Spielberg? The comic has everything! Adventure, excitement, romance! (well, not yet story-wise, but it’s on the horizon.)

Spielberg: No, I’m actually in the market for taking cherished 1980′s toy icons and ruining these at the moment. But maybe someday Dreamworks will offer you millions of dollars for the rights to ruin your character.

Rob: You really mean it?

Spielberg: Oh yes, our studio triumphs in taking interesting ideas for a film and utterly ruining them. Take “A.I.” for example. Can you really think of an idea more interesting – a cyborg child who wants to be human? Well, I took that story and absolutely made it creepy, disturbing, and utterly boring, and then totally ruined everything with CGI-animated aliens at the end of the film (much like the CGI aliens in that crummy “Indiana Jones 4″ movie… and hey, didn’t I once make a comment that I didn’t like CGI-animated characters because they didn’t have any soul?)

Rob: Yeah, I think I remember reading that in a magazine once, but I don’t remember the source. It was probably a remark aimed at George Lucas.

Spielberg: Probably. Well, I’ve gotta go. I’m off to a pre-screening of “Go-Bots: Revenge of the Knock-Off Toys”…

Rob: Are you sure you won’t consider?

Spielberg: Afraid not.

Rob: Wait…. what if I rewrite the script, so that instead of being a thrilling adventure of a reluctant super-hero against an exciting and plausible alien menace, I change it so that…. the entire story revolves around December Sun and his fractured relationship with his father, that unfolds in painfully-slow detail throughout the film…

Spielberg: Really?

Rob: Yes. The film opens with December Sun as a boy, and his Dad at a table, and December Sun mimics his Dad leaning his head on his hands. Later, they throw a ball around to one another, but the Dad leaves, and December Sun grows up to be a bitter lad named “Mutt”. They reconcile when the Government agencies show up to reclaim a lost, gross-looking pale muppet living in Drew Barrymore’s closet, then father and son scoot off in a motorcycle with side-car, fleeing the fake-looking CGI-dinosaurs and distract the Nazi’s airplanes by sending thousands of seagulls up to their grizzly death!

Spielberg: (awed silence)

Rob: Then Tom Hanks dies and the big, radiation-producing spaceship lands and picks up Richard Dreyfus’ ghost that died in a plane crash in an air battle in 1941…

Spielberg: Who do I make the check payable to?

July 24, 2009

Entrecard (ok, ok, this will be my last post about Entrecard for awhile) and some toolbar suggestions

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Here are two suggestions that I’m going to send to Entrecard, that I think would help it’s toolbar be a lot more handy:

Argh!  I hate dead sites on Entrecard!  I just wasted finger life energy clicking on a worthless button

First, a button for “report missing EC code”, so that this can be checked and fixed and removed from the directory.

Second, a button to “block” or “skip” a site.  This could be used similar to the report button above, if you find a site that is clearly dead.  Blocking it would prevent you from randomly hitting this site again.

Finally, it would be nice to make the toolbar smart enough to know not to bother going to your OWN sites.  That doesn’t make a ton of sense in terms of dropping, since you can’t drop on your own site.  I’ve selected the Webcomics category and visited random sites, and popped onto December Sun a few times, and while it’s nice to see DS in the list, it doesn’t really serve me any purpose for dropping so there’s no point in showing it.

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