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December 28, 2010

New Blog: Coding Adventures

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I just started up yet another Blogger blog called Coding Adventures, this time to document various coding experiments that I’ve work on.  I’ve been a hobbyist programmer for a long time now and just haven’t bothered documenting any of these experiments, so I thought putting this into print online would be a good discipline for me.  The fact is that I’m fascinated to tinker around with code and a half-readable programming book from time to time, so why not just use Blogger as a big online repository for notes and comments?  Currently I’ve been tinkering with things like Javascript and C#, so there will probably be some posts on topics like this in the near future.

The image is from one of the recent pages of December Sun #5 posted here – just with a little color splashed in.  I thought that an evil, uncontrollable robot, rising from the ground, would make for an ideal icon for the blog.  I think it’s amusing that at the library the programming books tend to be categorized near the oddball supernatural titles like bigfoot and UFO’s, as if the two subjects are somehow related.  Maybe they are?

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