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November 3, 2010

Sketchbooks from years long ago…

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Rob's old sketchbook nonsense

I’m updating my pointless Miscellaneous blog to include tons of old pages of my art class days, mainly so I can get these into a digital format and get rid of them.  There are LOTS of pages, most of which are completely nonsensical, yet I find that some of these really make me chuckle, either at the content or at how stupid some of my ideas where.  Yeah, Fine Arts degree.  Brilliant career path there, Rob…

October 5, 2010

Sort of midway with issue #5… I think…

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So issue #5 has been an interesting one in that I don’t have it finished, nor do I formally have most of the pages selected that I want to use or keep. I’ve been cropping a lot of this up, and also spending an unnatural amount of time on my blogger blogs (on my favorite subjects: theology, music, nutrition and nonsensical miscellany) so I just haven’t had the focus to finish this one up. I’d like to, though, because I’d like to have another finished issue at comixpress (issue #4 seems like a million years ago that I sent that to press) but at the rate I’m going, who knows.

I’m also not sure where I’m going with this character after issue #5. I’ve got most of issue #6 draw, a good deal of #7 started, and yet part of me wants to explore some strange new directions, so I really don’t know. What do you think, Russian spambots who frequent my site? Am I ever going to finish this issue? Or are you only interested in my insanely popular (with the spambots) post about how Google Chrome scrambled up my site long ago. I really don’t get that, but as of this writing, I think there are over 150 spammy comments on that particular post. That one was a goldmine of spam-search-engine goodness.

Ah well. Stay tuned. More pages on the way…

August 6, 2010

Goofy, happy fun dragon art

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I did some drawings recently of a dragon for a contest at work.  The idea is to submit a dragonboat logo design.  I aimed for something with a 1980′s Saturday morning cartoon feel.  Here’s the colored version, and the original linework (suitable for printing and coloring!)

Dragonboat in color!  Happy fun times!

Dragon coloring page!  Sun!  Bird!  Flower!  Rainbow!  Joy!

April 18, 2010

Soul-draining issue #5

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As I work on the pages of issue #5, its frustrating to me because I remember working on these pages long ago, saving them to the old Sony Vaio “C” drive and, dummy that I am, failing to back this up. So that when the hard drive crashed one morning, I lost all the work on some of these pages, including page #10 which, if all goes well, I’ll have finished and ready to post tomorrow. But this one is bothering me, because its such a complex page. I hate thinking back to all the work lost on this, just because I was too dumb not to back up my work.

To all: back up everything!

So I’m back working on this page, and really NOT enjoying the experience. Its my own fault, I know, and I deserve the punishment of doing it all again, but it doesn’t exactly do much to my motivation to have to start again. Fortunately, this page, for all it’s complexity, was the LAST of the pages that I lost, so after this, it’s all new material that I just recently finished and lettered.

Is anyone even reading this? Lucas? Spielberg?

March 2, 2010

USPS Proposes No More Mail Delivery on Saturday | This Would Have Bugged Me 20 years ago…

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The news headlines today are talking about the US Post Office possibly ending service on Saturday, and you know, 20 years ago this might have bothered me, back before email, and back at a time when I still looked forward to letters, magazines and newsletters.  But thinking about it, that’s all nostalgia now, and really all USPS ever brings me these days are bills, catalogs of material I can’t afford anyhow, and the occasional media rate book.  Would I really care if Saturday was cut?  Nah, not really.

Back in high school, and even into college, I enjoyed corresponding with several different people via postal mail, and in a strange way there was something fascinating with the post, back in those pre-email days.  It seems odd to me, thinking back, that there was ever a time when I looked forward to getting mail.

But if USPS wants to cut Saturday service, then I really don’t care anymore.  The post office locally already closes early on Saturday (the ONE PERSON working the counter only works until noon then leaves, I guess) so that’s no big deal, and I really don’t care about the mail on the weekend anyhow.

Besides, I’ve noticed that I usually get bad news in the mail, like a massive medical bill or a cryptic note from the IRS, on Saturdays, oddly, to ruin the day with a notice that I can’t do anything about until Monday, so maybe eliminating service that day wouldn’t be all bad.

November 11, 2009

Silly Photoshop Image

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My wife just found this on a Fisher-Price site.  It’s a very, very bad job with Photoshop.  Notice how the kid and the play structure cast absolutely no shadow, and how proportionally (compared to the furniture behind him) the child must be extremely tiny (or the chair and table are just massive.)

photoshop-sillinessYeah yeah, this has nothing to do with the comic, but I still think it’s funny.  I’m not much better at working with Photoshop either…

November 7, 2009

Arcadia – Election Day – And my silly interpretation of the lyrics

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Videos that I make tend to be pretty stupid, and this one is definitely no exception. I made it in the space of one night: it’s the song “election day” by the group Arcadia, a spin-off (or renaming or something) of the group Duran Duran. This song got a lot of radio play when I was young, and from then, up until today, I still have no idea what the song is talking about, other than the fact it’s about election day (or re-election day, or something.)

So I wrote down what I’ve heard/understood the lyrics to be, and then grabbed some silly images from everyclick (a charity search engine that tends to be mostly clean. Even google image search, with safesearch on, still tends to bring back junk. Plus using Everyclick, I’m at least making money for charity, so this effort wasn’t a total waste of time.)

Best I could pick up was a message about shooting, fruit, clowns, detergent, and insects. This was a complete waste of time, and now I’m back on December Sun. I’ve got an idea for a Christmas issue that I’m going to start on now (in addition to getting the issue #5 pages ready for this site.) Plenty of material for 2010…

November 4, 2009

“Club Sandwich”

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I found this in the garage the other day, and thought I’d post it here. Normally stuff like this I just throw out on my miscellany blog, but this one was goofy enough that I thought I’d post it here.

I drew this in a sketchbook in one of my art classes back in college: I think the idea was that “Club Sandwich” was my ideal G.I. Joe figure – one that will never be made, but still pretty cool, I think.

A real American hero.... it's Club Sandwich!

September 23, 2009

Prison Ministry Comic – Unused Artwork

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Unused comic artI was just going through some old artwork and found this, which was an unused panel from a Prison Ministry comic that I did with my friend Brian.  The link to the actual comic is here.  The art/writing in the book was done by two others, including Brian, and I did the last story of the book, which was basically an interpretation of Psalm 40 in a prison setting.

The book was, like most everything I do with comics, another avenue of experimentation.  But this time, the experiment was how much mileage I could get out of using a very old, frayed Windsor Newton sable brush, with very old, paste-like ink (you can sort of tell from some of this image.  Notice the thicker, brushier quality to some of the line work.  The experiment proved to me one thing: get a new sable brush, and get new ink!  LOL!  There’s nothing worse than having to fight with the media, and the results were not exactly what I wanted, but I still think they turned out alright.

Sable brushes, however, aren’t the cheapest, but if you take good care of them you can get pretty far with one.  I’ve notice that the brushes I use start off razor-sharp, then slowly degrade into “fray-stage”, where the hairs don’t hold the point and your line becomes two or three lines, etc.  Nothing really obvious here, and probably anyone who’s used a sable brush knows this, but it seems as if, no matter how well you care for a brush, they are destined to fall apart eventually (maybe not for all, but the way I use them, yes… and I try hard to keep the ink from caking up at the base of the hair near the metal banding.)

Anyhow, just some unused art.  I thought I’d put it here (instead of on my miscellaney blog, which, to be honest, is becoming more and more of an experiment in how dead a blog can be.)

August 17, 2009

The mixed blessing of Adobe Flash being wiped off my computer

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As I’ve lamented in past blog posts, I have a rapidly-aging Sony VAIO PC, that I bought almost 9 years ago.  It’s gone through several upgrades, a hard drive crash, and a ridiculous number of software installs, but for the most part, it hangs in there (on the front case of the PC box, I’ve drawn stitch-marks in black marker.  The case also doesn’t close completely now, and has a permanently open gap along the top right.  No big deal though.)

Anyhow, I still don’t have much luck with YouTube videos lately (or some flash applications) so I recently uninstalled flash, and, on trying to reinstall it, it doesn’t work.  I get the screenshot attached. 

So now applications galore have been shut off for me across the web, and while it’s a little disappointing to go without Pandora, I find that blog pages in general load a lot faster now.  Plus I’m not wasting time with flash-based apps too, but just sticking to the information on the site alone.

This will probably get old after awhile, but for now, I’m really not all that bothered by life without Flash.

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