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September 24, 2009

Cox & Kings Catalog: I’m too poor to be on this catalog distribution

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If I were a rich man, la da de da de da de....I just received a Cox & Kings catalog in the mail, advertising “exquisite cultural and wildlife adventures”, but ideally, this should have included the caveat, “for rich people”.  While the catalog is nice and colorful and packed with exotic locales, I can’t get over some of these prices.  For a mere $7,985(!) per person(!!) double occupancy I could visit India!  Then again, I can just go to work in the morning and virtually meet friendly people from India for free! (my co-workers).

This catalog just floors me that there are people who can afford this stuff.  It’s definitely marketed to the well-to-do folks of the world, and it’s interesting to note the stark absence of kids in this catalog:  clearly, these adventures are for couple “unhindered” by offspring.

I’m sure there is some cultural richness to be acquired from some of these trips, but so can malaria.  I’ll stick to local travel, with the family.

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