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October 5, 2010

Sort of midway with issue #5… I think…

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So issue #5 has been an interesting one in that I don’t have it finished, nor do I formally have most of the pages selected that I want to use or keep. I’ve been cropping a lot of this up, and also spending an unnatural amount of time on my blogger blogs (on my favorite subjects: theology, music, nutrition and nonsensical miscellany) so I just haven’t had the focus to finish this one up. I’d like to, though, because I’d like to have another finished issue at comixpress (issue #4 seems like a million years ago that I sent that to press) but at the rate I’m going, who knows.

I’m also not sure where I’m going with this character after issue #5. I’ve got most of issue #6 draw, a good deal of #7 started, and yet part of me wants to explore some strange new directions, so I really don’t know. What do you think, Russian spambots who frequent my site? Am I ever going to finish this issue? Or are you only interested in my insanely popular (with the spambots) post about how Google Chrome scrambled up my site long ago. I really don’t get that, but as of this writing, I think there are over 150 spammy comments on that particular post. That one was a goldmine of spam-search-engine goodness.

Ah well. Stay tuned. More pages on the way…

February 17, 2010

Miscellaneous Deleted December Sun Art

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I just found this on my computer: this was a panel that was going to be in issue #3 but never got used.  December Sun, returning from his epic loss to Bullbeast, loses his direction and hits a tree.  I think I cut it because, at that point, I felt the character had had enough abuse, so I never bothered using this particular panel.

What’s odd is that this was at a time when I was really experimenting with the medium, and this panel was inked on a piece of scrap paper that I was going to scan in and use for the issue.  I’ve since learned that (duh!) medium IS important and that all I use now is illustration board.

February 8, 2010

Some Scrapped & Deleted Pages from December Sun #4

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Here are some images that I cut from issue #4 of December Sun.  I’ll try to post a bunch of these over the week, if for no other reason than the fact that they are just taking up space on my hard drive.

Two panels today were some experimentation that I did on newsprint.  I used a LOT of newsprint paper in college, as its an excellent medium for charcoal and conte chalk.  In terms of sequential comic pages, though, I wasn’t crazy about it.  Here are some panels from a page I started and quickly lost interest in.

August 17, 2009

December Sun #3 – deleted material #4

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A couple sketches and ideas I rejected.  Another couple cut images, then issue #4….

August 14, 2009

December Sun #3 – deleted material #3

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Another deleted panel.  Deleted this because it’s just plain awful artwork, and it’s likely why I’m not a pro, and why I still work full-time in tech.  At least it never made it past the pencils stage.

Years ago I had an art teacher who taught me that, if you’re working on a painting and you start to get discouraged or dislike what you’re doing, you should just destroy it and move on.  He emphasized this point with a painting I was working on.  I told him I was getting tired and disinterested in the particular painting.  He asked if I was sure, I said yeah, and he then took a pair of scissors and stabbed/destroyed the canvas before my very eyes.  It was a pretty strong lessons, but it got the point across not to linger on art that you’ve lost interest in.  And while I think there’s something to this, another art teacher of mine said that if you give up on a painting or work of art, just toss it to the back of your closet, and then revisit it later down the road and maybe you’ll have a new interest, or know what to do.

Currently, if I hate an image I just delete it, but I find that I do tend to to save a lot of stuff on the C drive, and lately I’ve just been dumping a lot of old stuff on my miscellaney blog.

August 13, 2009

December Sun #3 – deleted material #2

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Another deleted panel, for obvious reasons: in this panel, December Sun goes crazy!  Actually, there were some panels I was drawing in which December Sun manages to briefly overpower the Appalachian Shadow, but I opted to drop these.  And this panel just freaks me out.

August 12, 2009

December Sun #3 – deleted material #1

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I cut this from issue #3.  It’s December Sun, following his fight, flying home and hitting a tree.  Seemed a little bit overkill.

May 25, 2009

December Sun #2 – Deleted page #5

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One more deleted page from issue #2. Bullbeast gets knocked back by a blast of energy. It didn’t fit so I cut it.

Happy Memorial day!

May 21, 2009

December Sun #2 – Deleted page #4

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Here’s a deleted concept, one that I ditched in the early stages.  Bullbeast is a toxic monster, and here I had him breathing in some nasty chemical to give him a “power-up”.  I think this panel could be read the wrong way, so I nixed it.  It never made it out of the sketchbook, but all the same, I thought it might be interesting to include here as part of the creation process.

May 20, 2009

December Sun #2 – Deleted page #3

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This is another panel I decided I wanted to cut.  The idea is that John lunges with a punch, Bull intercepts it, and then John blasts and damages Bull’s hand.  It seemed just a little to cocky, and a tad morbid, so I removed it from the final version of the comic.

BTW – if a panel is deleted, it can be assumed to be NON-CANONICAL content.  Meaning, this panel never happened, even in deleted form.  I know that some deleted scenes in films COULD still fit into the film’s continuity, but not so with the December Sun deleted material.  There’s no cannonicity to this stuff.

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