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May 20, 2009


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  • Are you a Hollywood producer looking to buy the rights to ‘December Sun’?
  • Is your studio ready to create the next summer blockbuster featuring this character?
  • Are you looking for a creator willing to SELL OUT his character in the blink of an eye in return for a lucrative Hollywood contract?  Then read on…

December Sun is a character who’s ready for Hollywood, and I’m ready and willing to sell the rights to this character (if the price is right).  Included in the deal would be:

the screenplay to december sun, the movie

  • A fully-illustrated screenplay and storyboards by me.  It’s written and ready to go.  It just needs to be filmed!
  • I would assist in casting (as far as picking out actors I like)
  • I would design the toy line, and any marketable things that would appear at Walmart, such as December Sun pajamas.
  • I would oversee the design of the video game and personally spend a ton of time playing it.  I’ve got many ideas for the December Sun video game, but I just lack the technical skills to see this into reality.
  • I would personally score the soundtrack for the film.  Knowing nothing about film music composition, I still feel that, given some time to read up on music theory and given the use of a Hollywood orchestra, I could write a better soundtrack than most composers are writing for films these days.  
  • I would commit to scripting all of the sequels.  I’ve already got sequel screenplays planned.
  • I will adapt the comic book adaption of the film.

So what is it that Rob is asking as payment?  Simple…

  • A dairy farm in central Texas.  With cows.  Oh, and some chickens.  Maybe a pond, some geese.
  • Now here are the only rules with which this film must abide:

  • This film must have good music.
  • This film must use minimal CGI and not abuse this technology (think 1978 Superman film.  No CGI.)
  • This film must have semi-decent actors
  • I want a cut… just a tiny, tiny percentage… of the marketing.  For every toy sold at Walmart, I earn a penny.  Is that asking too much?
  • This film must not abide by ludicrous Hollywood values/blurred morality (the deal breaker, no doubt)
  • Send any inquiries to robsartgallery -at-


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    2. Rob, give up already…

      Comment by admin — July 27, 2010 @ 10:23 am

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