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November 24, 2008


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DSCOMIC.COM is all about December Sun, a character and comic book I started writing 10 years ago, that has been published into a couple actual comics as of this writing (available at comixpress) and that is also featured as a daily webcomic. December Sun is an all age title: in other words, it’s a throwback to the more old-school style of comic books that were generally safe reads for most audiences: minimal violence, no language, no adult content.  This is the comic I would have been interested in reading growing up, so in a large sense, I just write and draw this character to amuse my inner child… or my immature adult self, one of the two.

DSCOMIC was launched in December of 2008, and is updated with a comic strip weekly, below which is an arbitrary and generally completely unrelated blog.  The format is mainly black and white, with gray scale “coloring”, although I will be exploring color and other media in the future.  The title is largely about learning and experimentation with artistic media, although I’m finding more and more that I’m happiest with the media of Winsor-Newton sable brushes.  You just can’t top the character of line that this gives you.

December Sun is an ongoing series.  I’ve got quite a few notebooks filled with characters and themes, and I’m anxious to tell this narrative, so the story and character background will continue to unfold.  Ideally, I’d love to see this told as a film someday, so if you are a bored Hollywood producer visiting this site, please feel free to contact me and offer me an insane amount of cash for this character.  I’ll write the screenplay too!  Otherwise, just enjoy the comic!

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About the Characters

December Sun mugshot

December Sun (aka John) is the hero of the title.  He’s the reluctant hero gifted with incredible powers that he does not completely understand.  And while he has used the power when he can to assist others (namely law enforcement) he is divided between his obligation to serve as a hero, and to pursue his own educational background.

John’s plans and actions are often thwarted by mysterious “Appalachian Shadows”, who hold a unusual interest in the development of John’s power, offering both enlightenment and instruction, but often in difficult manner of delivery.

Following a tragic “incident” in his past, John has been renting an attic room from Joe, a cranky senior with little interest in John or his super-hero activity.

Joe mugshot


He’s old, cranky, and just wants his newspaper and his smoke.  He follows, with some amusement, the latest successes or failures of John’s quest to understand his power and use them for the betterment of others.  The failures are more so amusing to him.


Rose mugshot

A cheerful and dedicated chiropractor who was introdu

ced in the first issue.  She pursed a medical career in adjusting spines after observing her father’s chronic struggle with back pain following a mining accident many years ago.  When conventional medicine failed to

provide him with the recovery from pain that he needed, Rose pursued chiropractic study with the singular purpose of healing her father, and endeavor which as thus far proven successful.

As for her role in the December Sun tapestry, stay tuned…

Appalachian Shadow mugshot

Appalachian Shadows

What are they, anyhow?

Mysterious guardians who appear, often at inconvenient and unexpected times, to task December Sun about his powers, and to “enable” powers that he has never used before.  They are shadowy teachers who watch and guide December Sun as his powers continue to grow.

The number of shadows is undetermined, but each shadow possesses a different signature power and a unique personality.  Some shadows are jovial and generally helpful, while others are forceful and angry in their application of instruction.  All have proven to be mighty forces that December Sun has never been able to overpower in their confrontations that have led to direct battle.

Who and what these shadows are, and their relationship to and purpose in instructing December Sun, remains shrouded in mystery.

Adam mugshot


He is the mastermind behind the evil

underground cabal that rules the world.  Of course, you’ve never heard of this organization, but they are the corrupting force and influence behind every government and major business organization (namely chemical, pharmaceutical and extraordinarily-unsafe energy sources).  To Adam, John is but an insignificant ant that needs to be turned into one under their corrupt employ, or stamped out by Bullbeast.

Bullbeast mugshot


8 foot tall and roughly 400 lbs, he is the most powerful nemesis that December Sun has ever fought face-to-face (and lost against.)  Bullbeast’s origin is shrouded in medical mystery.  His body is able to metabolize toxic solid and gas material and use this not only as full, but as an accelerating energy boost for combat.  In addition to his massive, nearly indestructible frame, Bullbeast is also trained in numerous fighting arts.  Don’t let his large size fool you: he is just as capable of delivering a lethal martial arts strike just as certainly as he is capable of dropping a building on you with his hands.

Rick mugshot


A twisted cosmetic surgeon-turned-pharmaceutical mastermind.  He is the driving force in Adam’s organization in introducing harmful bio-chemicals into all life on earth.  His relation to December Sun?  He is a threat to be destroyed in the most awful way possible.  Will he succeed?

Frank mugshot


NYC Beat cop-turned-detective,

Frank is one of John’s few friends in law enforcement, and both have worked together on a number of cases over the years.  Frank is also the embodiment of years of watching bad TV cop dramas.

And that is the run down of main characters.  There are, of course, many others, but those are some of the current primaries in the saga.

Thanks for reading.


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