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September 2, 2009


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Very, very bad science

In addition to the webcomic, I’m currently writing a novel that is tentatively titled “Very Bad Science” (or maybe just “Science!”… I haven’t decided yet.)  This will be all text with no images except for the cover.

The premise behind the book is to elaborate on the various diabolical scientific endeavors perpetuated by the underground organization from the December Sun universe.  Yes, this book will be completely canon: it’s just a way for me to elaborate on ideas and characters that I would otherwise spend too much time on in the regular webcomic.

I love the idea of a novel that syncs with a comic book.  Maybe it’s been done before, maybe not.  But the idea is that the book will fit, chronologically, somewhere around December Sun #6-7, and again, everything in the book fits continuity of the comic.  Further, the book will hint to things in the comic, and the comic will hint to things in the book, so it will all tie together.

From a scientific standpoint, the book will address sciences of medicine, eugenics, biochemistry, environment, ethics, and a whole host of other fields that this organization twists and distorts.

This will be an interesting endeavor.  I’ve already written a good chunk of the book, and once finished, I’ll post it on lulu (or maybe here as an ebook.)  Stay tuned.


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