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April 29, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 11

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A little behind with the comic… I think its becoming more of a bi-weekly update, but it will still be updated.

Very much enjoying this track right now on LastFm by the late Jerry Goldsmith.  Remarkable composer…

April 20, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 10

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Finally finished this one up.  As I posted below, this one was a chore to have to redo, after losing the original on my crashed hard drive.  But here it is, the LAST of the lost pages from issue #5.  Everything beyond this is all new…

More subtle and not-so-subtle references on this page, and far too much halftone…

April 18, 2010

Soul-draining issue #5

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As I work on the pages of issue #5, its frustrating to me because I remember working on these pages long ago, saving them to the old Sony Vaio “C” drive and, dummy that I am, failing to back this up. So that when the hard drive crashed one morning, I lost all the work on some of these pages, including page #10 which, if all goes well, I’ll have finished and ready to post tomorrow. But this one is bothering me, because its such a complex page. I hate thinking back to all the work lost on this, just because I was too dumb not to back up my work.

To all: back up everything!

So I’m back working on this page, and really NOT enjoying the experience. Its my own fault, I know, and I deserve the punishment of doing it all again, but it doesn’t exactly do much to my motivation to have to start again. Fortunately, this page, for all it’s complexity, was the LAST of the pages that I lost, so after this, it’s all new material that I just recently finished and lettered.

Is anyone even reading this? Lucas? Spielberg?

April 12, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 9

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Another busy battle page. You know, I could spend hours with the half-tones on these pages, but I eventually get to the point where I just say, “Rob, give it a break.”

April 5, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 8

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This page was one of the handful of pages that I lost when my Sony Vaio hard drive crashed last year. It’s frustrating to have to rebuild and re-letter everything again, but alas, here it is again, freshly lettered.

Look carefully at the mob and you might see some semi-familiar faces. Again, this issue tends to take itself a little less seriously…

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