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February 22, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 2

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Wacky fun at the school library…

Again, this issue takes itself a little less seriously…

February 17, 2010

Miscellaneous Deleted December Sun Art

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I just found this on my computer: this was a panel that was going to be in issue #3 but never got used.  December Sun, returning from his epic loss to Bullbeast, loses his direction and hits a tree.  I think I cut it because, at that point, I felt the character had had enough abuse, so I never bothered using this particular panel.

What’s odd is that this was at a time when I was really experimenting with the medium, and this panel was inked on a piece of scrap paper that I was going to scan in and use for the issue.  I’ve since learned that (duh!) medium IS important and that all I use now is illustration board.

February 16, 2010

Jesse James & Hidden Gold in the Wichita Mountains

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I just wrote a guest post over at Unsolved Mysteries of the World, an entertaining blog I found through Entrecard that has numerous posts about the paranormal and unexplained.  I’ve long been fascinated by the legends regarding Jesse James and his hidden stash of gold in the Wichita Mountains in southern Oklahoma, where I used to live, so I wanted to write up an article on this.  The post is half mystery about the hidden gold, and the other half is just nostalgia about living in Lawton/Ft. Sill years ago.

I spent a lot of time when younger hiking various trails around parks of the Wichita Mountains, and the legends of hidden gold out there somewhere was just one of those things you knew about and speculated about whenever out hiking.  Every nook and cranny of every mountain could have been a secret hiding place for lost treasure.

So I put the legend into print and, since it didn’t really fit here, I offered it as a guest post over at Unsolved Mysteries.  I’ve been doing a lot more writing this year: in addition to guest posts, I’ve been hammering at the ‘bad science’ December Sun book and also writing out DS 6-8.  I just hope I can keep up with the webcomic, but at a page-a-week rate it shouldn’t be a problem.

February 15, 2010

December Songs

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Back before I started dscomic, I had a sloppy google site at  I recently went through and cleaned this up and scrapped a lot of the posts (most of the semi-relevant ones I just moved over here to dscomic) and I converted this old blog into one devoted only to music and songs that I like.  Many of the posts are YouTube links, but there are also some comments about songs and various tracks and artists.  I enjoy a lot of music and could easily tie up a lot of space here with commentary about music, so instead I decided to just move most of the music chatter over there.

December Sun #5 – Page 1

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Who is Ludosomnus?  We finally will learn a little more about this very secondary character who abides in the December Sun universe.  We’ll also meet a LOT of new characters in this issue, too.

Ludosomnus also shares the name of the theology blog over at blogger.  Also, there is a deleted ‘fake text’ page that will appear at the end of the run of this issue.  My friend Andy helped me write it, and I think it’s fantastic but it sort of breaks the flow of the issue, so I decided to leave it as an edited page.  I’ll include it here later.

February 8, 2010

Some Scrapped & Deleted Pages from December Sun #4

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Here are some images that I cut from issue #4 of December Sun.  I’ll try to post a bunch of these over the week, if for no other reason than the fact that they are just taking up space on my hard drive.

Two panels today were some experimentation that I did on newsprint.  I used a LOT of newsprint paper in college, as its an excellent medium for charcoal and conte chalk.  In terms of sequential comic pages, though, I wasn’t crazy about it.  Here are some panels from a page I started and quickly lost interest in.

December Sun #5 – Cover

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Starting off December Sun #5 this week.  This one takes a marked different direction from the previous 4 issues, and tends to be a little more fun.  Lots of inside jokes and silly references.

The cover image is supposed to be a gun scope, and I thought about adding mechanical lines around the edges aiming at the center, but lost interest in this idea since I thought it would clutter the cover.

February 1, 2010

December Sun #4 – Back Cover

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This is the back cover image from December Sun #4.  It looks pretty ominous but its actually supposed to be December Sun in pursuit of Castillo who is using insane acrobatics to flee.  There are actually a large number of deleted pages from issue #4 that are not only due to my old hard drive crash but also related to a change in how I wanted to chase to end (it’s hard being my own editor sometimes – I should have just made the change from the beginning.)

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