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July 31, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 17D

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July 30, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 17C

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July 29, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 17B

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July 28, 2009

The spambots and their love affair with my posts about CommentLuv and “301 redirects”

So I’ve got the WP-Spamfree widget running on my site, and it’s pretty nifty in that it has filtered, supposedly, nearly 1,500 spam comments on my site.  My hope is that, in the process, it hasn’t killed “good” comments.  For awhile, I just sat, read, and approved the spammy comments, and although some could be entertaining, I got tired of going through the approval process in WP and just added this filter widget.

Well, one of the interesting trends I’ve noticed in the recent past, and also whenever I turn the filter off, is that the spambots love two of my posts: one I wrote about 301 redirects (e.g. the way that I awkwardly spring users from to because of my lousy PHP skills) and another one I wrote about CommentLuv (and Timothy Dalton and the cheesy ‘Flash Gordon’ movie.)  Why these two posts catch the attention of the spambots, I don’t know, but there must be something that I did right in terms of SEO and content, because when I scan the spam, these two posts are the champions of spam magnetism.this has nothing to do with this post, but I think it's a cool picture, and it came on my free clip art disk, so I'm using it

Now here’s the question of SEO that I’ve wondered, and something I need to dig into a little bit (maybe the spambots can help me answer this, too):  is there any advantage to ALLOWING spam contents, in terms of SEO and search engine listings?  Does any of that extra comment content make a difference in the long run?

Here’s my thinking:  I’ve got a blog post on something like CommentLuv and Flash Gordon.  A spambot comes along and leaves a comment about Russian gambling sites or something like that.  In the eyes of the search engines, does my post go from containing the content of:

CommentLuv + Flash + Gordon

to instead appear with the content of:

CommentLuv + Flash + Gordon + Russian + gambling

In other words, do those spammy comment keywords indirectly buffer up my site with more words that make it more savvy for search engine searches?  Can I compound my search engine listings by allowing the spambot friends to leave their comments below?

Just one of those things I’ve wondered.  Maybe there’s an advantage, maybe not.  And maybe, maybe, the issue is really only about robotic spambots and their fascination with bad website design and aging James Bond actors.

December Sun #3 – Page 17A

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Page 17 takes a strange turn into the workings of an evil organization.  It’s a little oddball but just see it through…

July 27, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 16C

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July 24, 2009

Entrecard (ok, ok, this will be my last post about Entrecard for awhile) and some toolbar suggestions

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Here are two suggestions that I’m going to send to Entrecard, that I think would help it’s toolbar be a lot more handy:

Argh!  I hate dead sites on Entrecard!  I just wasted finger life energy clicking on a worthless button

First, a button for “report missing EC code”, so that this can be checked and fixed and removed from the directory.

Second, a button to “block” or “skip” a site.  This could be used similar to the report button above, if you find a site that is clearly dead.  Blocking it would prevent you from randomly hitting this site again.

Finally, it would be nice to make the toolbar smart enough to know not to bother going to your OWN sites.  That doesn’t make a ton of sense in terms of dropping, since you can’t drop on your own site.  I’ve selected the Webcomics category and visited random sites, and popped onto December Sun a few times, and while it’s nice to see DS in the list, it doesn’t really serve me any purpose for dropping so there’s no point in showing it.

December Sun #3 – Page 16B

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Sort of a transitory panel here, but hey, it introduces the thrilling “Master Repairman” character, who won’t be seen again any time in the foreseeable future.

July 23, 2009

Lamenting my dead hard drive

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Thinking about my dead hard drive, it seems like at this writing I’ve been able to get back most of everything that I’ve lost.  I’ve managed to rebuild/recreate most of my lost work with December Sun #4 (which will be appearing here shortly) and most of the lost work of December Sun #5 (all pencilled and inked, but I lost a lot of lettering from it.)  It really stinks that not only did the drive die, but that Sony’s system restore disks didn’t work, and that Sony’s tech support offered ZERO help in terms of getting my system back again.  Well, that’s all water under the bridge, but now I faithfully, and unwaveringly, backup my system frequently.

I’ve actually been using a WD external drive for backups.  It was nice in that it came with it’s own backup software, too, and the process is pretty quick.  I backup most everything: images and music.  I don’t care about backing up the OS: if this computer drive dies again, it’s time for a whole new setup.  I’ve squeezed as much life out of this old Sony Vaio as I can, and I feel the whole system is just going to burst into flames any day now.

In hind site, I wish I had taken more precautions to back up stuff more often, as there was a big chunk of time wasted in the rewrite/fixes of these pages, but as I revisit some of these, I’m actually sort of glad that I had a chance to fix them again, as I did a fairly heavy wave of editing of issue #4, and actually scrapped a number of pages for redraws (I’ll probably go into more detail about that when I’m posting the issue #4 pages here.)  It’s on it’s way to Comixpress now and I’m anxious to see the results of the printing.

December Sun #3 – Page 16A

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Bullbeast heads “home”…

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