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June 30, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 10C

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June 29, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 10B

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June 26, 2009

Houston Museum of Fine Art

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fredrick remington, a fantastic artistI visited the Houston Museum of Fine Art (MFAH) yesterday, and I remain, for the most part, impressed by the collection of painting, sculptures and historic artifacts.  I’ve been before, but each time I notice something new or impressive artistically on display.  Granted, there is still plenty of wasted space (namely the Modern and Contemporary exhibits) but the classical gallery remains impressive.  I get a big kick out of seeing works by artists of whom I had only read about in art history classes (and there were a number of big names on display.)

i regret having to use memory to store thisMFAH had a number of Fredrick Remington paintings on display, and to me these were some of the highlights of the trip.  It’s just unfortunate that the museum grants SO LITTLE attention to American realists like Remington, yet blatantly WASTES such huge portions of it’s space to the post-modern abstraction nonsense.  Yes, there were some Picasso’s, and yes, I still think he’s just as talentless now as I did back in college when I studied abstraction.  I see Picassos, Pollock and Rothkos and I can help but think of how these charlatans pulled the wool over people’s eyes with this garbage.  I (unfortunately) majored in Fine Arts in college, so I experienced plenty of this type of nonsensical stuff passed off as art in my classes, and I never understood why they did it (or how they could, in good conscience, create ridicuslous, minimalistic nonsense and pass it off as art.)

genuine artNow take a work of genuine art like ’The Elder Sister’ by William Bouguereau.  This was on display in the museum too, and it’s just amazing.  The talent and the artistry put into this painting is just remarkable, and you can’t help but just stand and analyze just how good this art is (unlike things like the ridiculous “white room filled with colorful light bulbs” in the modern wing, built by someone who clearly had nowhere near the talent that Bouguereau possessed.)  You look at something like this, and you can’t help but take in the richness of the picture: the lifelike quality of the kids in the picture, the atmosphere of the cloud and sky… even the details of the small cottage in the background to the left, which is something you’d almost overlook.  This to me is art, and this is what the museum needs a LOT more of: namely, artists with talent and skill, who’s craft deserves to be put on display (and not the nonsense of a guy who flings a paint bucket around on a canvas.)

December Sun #3 – Page 10A

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Back again after my hiatus yesterday (and Wednesday was a double-post so it should have covered…)

If by some strange fluke someone is checking the file numbering scheme for page 9-10, it’s all messed up.

June 24, 2009

One more blog: Nutritional Musing

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picture of some apples from my free, overused clip art cd

In my attempt to keep this DSCOMIC blog more on topic (namely, on the subject of comics and webcomics) I’m starting one more Blogger blog, this one called “Nutritional Musing”, to cover topics of nutritional science, diet, unhealthy food additives, and other things that I periodically rant about here that, again, have nothing really to do with the comic.  So the current roll-call of blogs I have running that I semi-actively maintain:

  • DSCOMIC – you’re reading it now.  It’s the daily December Sun comic, with semi-related comments.  The comments will (hopefully) be more specific to the comic medium, art and art supplies, Photoshopping stuff, as well as other comic projects that I’ve done or that I’m currently involved with.  If there are extra details to include about December Sun, they will be included in the blog.
  • Musings of Ludosomnus – My walk with God is the single most important thing in my life, so I have a lot to write about my own Biblical studies, and that’s what this blog is all about. Christian theological commentary, sermon reviews, reviews of theology books I’m reading, Biblical links, etc. (Ludosomnus is an imaginary protestant reformer from the December Sun saga.)
  • Nutritional Musing – The newest of the bunch.  I have a fascination with health and nutrition, particularly with an alternative bent, and I read up on this subject as much as I can, so this blog is dedicated to that topic.  I’m not a fan of big pharma or a lot of the western medicine mindset that, if you have a medical problem, you take a drug to solve it.  I think that’s rarely the answer, so that’s the sort of thing I’m posting about.
  • Miscellaney – artistic junk and other ramblings that don’t really fit anywhere, or are too silly/simplistic to post here (for instance, one of the posts is just an image of a dancing cake that I drew.)  If it doesn’t make a ton of sense, or doesn’t really belong anywhere, I’ll put it there.
That’s all (unless there are a few stragglers I forgot about.  I still have a Yahoo! 360 blog out there, in addition to a Typepad one, I think, but otherwise that’s the list of the currently updated blogs.

December Sun #3 – Page 9B

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This is a double-panel (since I couldn’t figure out how to break this up) so I might just let this cover for tomorrow as well (since I’ll be in the city tomorrow anyhow.)

June 23, 2009

December Sun #3 – Page 9A

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June 22, 2009

What’s wrong with Youtube recently?

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youtube stinks lately

I don’t know what the problem is with Youtube recently.  I’ll open a video, and it will load a good portion of the video (according to the red bar at the bottom of the video) but the video will only play the first 10 seconds or so and then freeze, permanently loading nothing.  I’ll see the “loading-circle” thing in the middle of the video, and it just sits there, doing nothing.  Never continuing.  It’s frustrating, and it’s had me not bothering to play youtube videos anymore.

Everything else on my PC works fine (even though it is an old Sony VAIO, from the fine folks at Sony who do NOT offer good technical support when your hard drive crashes and the system restore disks don’t work).  I’m able to hear streaming internet radio from sources like Lastfm without a problem, and sites/pages all load fine.  I’ve also recently cleaned out the cache, temp files, run an adware scan, etc, etc.  It’s just Youtube that, for some reason, freezes when loading a video.  What’s the problem here?  This has been going on for a couple weeks now, when I try to play a video.

Videos used to load fine with youtube (I should know, I watched pretty much the entirety of the first seven Doctor’s episodes of Doctor Who on youtube [that's quite a few, sadly], before they were all taken down [and I don't both with Doctor Who after the seventh Doctor... that's just not Who to me, but that's a post for another day...]).

The freezing video problem isn’t my only beef with youtube.  I’ve also got a problem with how there is NO way to filter comments connected with videos.  I like reading video comments, but if the comments are little more than a tirade of profanity or racially-offensive remarks, I don’t want to read this.  I’d want it filtered (leave it for others if they want it, fine, but I think there should be a “profanity filter” for those who don’t want to read it, and this can be set in a person’s individual account.)  Whatever.  This is just a sign to stop wasting my time with youtube, I think.

December Sun #3 – Page 8C

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June 19, 2009

Chicago Comic Convention pics

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editor of marvel comics.  not worth the wait, so I went around to see the rest of the show

Nothing new here: in fact, these are from 2004, but I wanted to post and share these with some comments.  I attended the Wizard con in Chicago, and the entire event was a massive sensory overload experience.  I dug up some old pictures and posted them on Flickr, with some comments.

I took some pics of the show, some costumes, props, posters, etc. There’s just too much to see at these things, and the entire experience just overloads the senses.  I don’t attend conventions anymore, not least of which because I don’t really collect many titles anymore, but because the experience is just so overwhelming.  And at the last few shows I was at, many of the comic publishers weren’t even bothering to look over portfolios, such as DC and Dark Horse (and Marvels wait was hours.)  Maybe things have changed since then, but I just don’t care anymore to work with the big companies.  Well, I do, but I don’t care that much to waste a day in line to meet an editor.  My art is here if, by some miracle, a submission editor happens to find there way here… :)

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