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February 28, 2009

Rocky IV and an excellent sample of Vince Dicola’s music

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While I regard ‘Rocky IV’ as one of the silliest films ever made, it does feature one remarkable element, and that’s the music of Vince Dicola. The electronic score that he offered for this film is just incredible, and I wish that there was more of this available on CD.

Here’s one of my favorite musical clips from Rocky IV: Rocky is in Russia somewhere, he’s just had the pep talk with Apollo’s coach (can’t remember his name) and then he’s off for his first day of training, running through the snow, chopping trees, pulling sleds and stuff. The opening music for this scene, as Rocky scopes the landscape, is just so good. Vince Dicola did a great job with this.

Here’s the clip:

Rocky IV, and Transformers:The Movie, are two excellent scores by Vince Dicola. I honestly know of nothing else that he’s done, but these two really stand out to me.

February 27, 2009

‘Golden Girls’

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I watched far too much television growing up, and one of the most uncomfortable and disturbing of the shows I would see was ‘Golden Girls’. Every time I’d watch this, and I’m not sure why I’d watch it, it just made me feel like I was being suffocated. Something about that show just exudes this visceral smell of moth ball, hair spray and furniture polish odor.

The dialog and situations of the show were just, well, gross. And unrealistic. This is one of those things in life I wish I could “unsee” from my mind, and instead fill that void with history, theology, art, literature, music, or something more substantial than crass and troubling dialog and joking from women the age of my grandmother at the time. And my own grandmother was, thankfully, nothing like this group. Are there really collections of women like this, living together and sharing ridiculous situation comedy with one another? I hope not.

On a related note, this video managed to morph the series into something even more disturbing…

December Sun #2 – Page 2B

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John keeps his cool in the face of mortal peril, as the inevitable battle draws closer.

February 26, 2009

The Health Revolution Petition

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I’m glad to see things like this Health Revolution Petition, put together by Mike Adams, editor of It’s got a number of good points to it, and I did sign this, yet I can’t help but wonder if it will make any difference. I agree with most of the things posted in the petition, especially the part about “End mandatory vaccination requirements” (I’ll post more vaccine thoughts one of these days, yet for now I agree that this should be the decision of the parents, not the government.)

For something like this petition to be effective, though, there would have to be a huge overhaul of “the system”, and there’s just too much money funneled into the government for the optimistic thinking of this petition to make a difference. Still, it’s nice to see some like-mindedness on some of these issues.

December Sun #2 – Page 2A

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The taunting begins, and Bullbeast waxes philosophical.

February 25, 2009

December Sun #1 – in four flavors!

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Here is the entirety of December Sun issue #1,

in one of four formats:

Click here to jump to page #1 of issue #1, and you can slowly click through each page here on this blog.

Or the entire first issue can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

Or, you can purchase an actual comic-book version of issue #1 (an actual, literal comic book) from comixpress here.  Comixpress did a sharp job with the printing, with glossy cover and good interior page quality.  I’d recommend them.

Or click here to view all of issue #1 at Wowio.

December Sun #2 – Page 1

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Here we go… page #1 of December Sun issue #2.  I found the missing pages so I’m ready to roll with these.  There’s a lot to be said about taking backups on a regular basis.  Anyhow, on with the show…

February 24, 2009

December Sun #2 – Inside Cover Image

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Ok, technically this isn’t the inside cover image of the official comic as printed by Comixpress (instead, they have one of their ads on the inside cover, so that I could get a printing discount…)  But actually the situation is, I can’t find the disk with the backup of the DS#2 pages (really sad, I know, how disorganized I am.)  But I’ll find them.

So for now, here’s an older image for the front-inside cover of the web version of issue #2.  This is a ballpoint pen image of the toy line I was thinking of, in one of my more delusional moments.  Technically, you could consider this a sketch, but whatever.  It’s filler while I find my missing pages.

IHOP free pancake day!

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It’s free pancake day (Feb. 24th, 2009) according to the IHOP website. And every time I’m at IHOP (which is rare, actually) the place is always jam-packed with folks. It’s amazing how they keep that place running. From the website’s description, it sounds like the pancakes are free, but they are hoping to raise money for charities as well on their free pancake day, which is really cool.

The thing about pancakes, though, is that they are much like coffee: they are super-cheap to just make at home. Plus I’m also something of a fan of “real” maple syrup, and I don’t think that was something they had available the last time I was there.  Also, it’s nice to get away from the crowds and noise, although sometimes that can be lively and entertaining to be around.

The other thing about IHOP that I’ve never really looked into before is, is there anything hydrogenated in their pancake batter?  I know that some batter-products like Bisquick are loaded with hydrogenated oil, and I’ve wondered if the IHOP pancakes are the same way?  Not that it matters… I’ve just been ranting about IHOP for the last couple paragraphs with no real intention of going in again.  

But I do respect that they have the free pancake promotion and that they give back to charities on this day.  Very admirable.

February 23, 2009

‘Man of Sorrows’

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man of sorrowsI just setup an account with Drunk Duck (an awful name for a web comic group, but hey, it’s free) and I’m going to post some pages there for a story I recently wrote and illustrated as part of a charity book with Brian Bradley and Kingdom Comics.

The story is called ‘Man of Sorrows’, and it’s a one-shot story unrelated to anything else I’ve ever done before. It shares no relation to December Sun or anything else, but rather serves as a backdrop for an idea I had about what if the FDA took over the world? It also takes on the topic of self-sacrifice in a world where one man has had, basically, the entire world turn their back on him.

I tried not to get to soap-boxy. The Food and Drug Administration is not mentioned by name, although I find this organization endlessing irritating. Giving blanket approval to unsafe medicines (and vaccines) and unsafe foods (hydrogenated oil, deceptively allowed in food with labels of “trans fat free”) and drinks (namely anything with aspartame) and, dangit, I am on my soapbox after all. Let me climb back down…

Rather, the idea is that this scientific government agencies manufactures a disease and, in the process, ends up damaging most all of civilization as a result. So the story revolves around one scientist who opposes the waves of science and government telling him that he’s wrong, and ultimately being willing to sacrifice for the sake of what he believes.

So I’m posting the pages on Drunk Duck to check it out. My initial thoughts about DD are that it’s interesting, but the controls and administration is a little wonky. I think it’s cool how a creator can very easily get started with creating a web comic with DD, and can immediately start uploading pages. Also, being able to browse other work and leave comments and ratings is a nice touch as well. I do have a little trouble with the inclusion of mature material, but this can be filtered out (Somehow… I haven’t found that particular configuration yet.) The other thing that seems to be missing is much in terms of profile information. This feature is sortof skimpy. But there are plenty of badges to earn, which is always a great draw (a badge system is what got me so hooked on blasted kongregate.)

Anyhow, three pages of the ‘Man of Sorrows’ story are posted as of this writing, and I’ll probably upload the rest shortly.

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