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July 10, 2008

Podcasts I’ve been enjoying recently

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Years ago I received, as a company gift, a nice, cheap MP3 player (a Coby MP-C440). Nothing fancy, and not a lot of bells and whistles, but it works fine for something to listen to while doing dishes or housework.

Anyhow, I’ve got a 1 gig memory card in this thing now, and it’s got a good selection of material. I’ve filled this up with three sources:

First is my public library, which offers a good number of free eAudio books for download. I’ve found some great titles, ranging from works of C.S. Lewis to Lloyd Alexander (a favorite childhood writer of mine) as well as many other interesting non-fiction works (such as the Autobiography of Ben Franklin). Using the free Overdrive software from the library website, downloading these titles to my MP3 player is a breeze.

Second would be iTunes. I’m listing below some of my favorites, with some comments:

Sproul’s material is just fantastic: deep, cerebral Biblical material. The way he drives through Biblical topics is just remarkable. This is one of my favorite daily broadcasts.

I just recently found out about the Webcomics Weekly podcast, and it’s a very enjoyable and informative program about creating and promoting web comics. It reminds me in a lot of ways of NPR’s ‘Car Talk’ in which the hosts spend a majority of the broadcast just making jokes and laughing, while about 5% of the actual show is valid information about web comic creation.

I tune into James White’s podcast every once in awhile. I find his apologetics to be remarkable, and some of the excerpts from his debates are really fascinating.

1 Year Daily Audio Bible, but this is another podcast I really enjoy. The host, Brian, has a very distinctive, gravelly voice as he reads through scripture from both the old and new testaments, and usually concludes the reading with a quick wrap-up. It’s good material, and something I’ve enjoyed hearing on a daily basis.

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