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August 6, 2007

My letter to George Lucas regarding ‘Indiana Jones 4′

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Here’s a letter I’m going to print and mail to George Lucas. As a huge fan of John Williams, I have a secret dread that the upcoming Indiana Jones 4 will feature huge, re-used chunks of music from earlier Indiana Jones films (similar to how Lucas cut-n-pasted large segments of music into “Clones” and “Sith” from other Star Wars films.)
Anyhow, here’s the letter. It’s a tad pretentious, but doggonit, John Williams is such a fantastic composer, that I really don’t want to see his music get chopped up again by Lucas.

Dear Mr. Lucas:

I wanted to write to you to make an urgent appeal. I realize that the next Indiana Jones film is in production now, and this is very exciting news! But at the same time, I’m somewhat concerned. I’m concerned that, for whatever reason, you might consider REUSING some of John Williams’ music in this film, by simply cutting and pasting musical cues from some of the
previous Indiana Jones films, such as ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ or ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’

Granted, it’s to be expected that musically the audience will be treated to a recap of the classic Indiana Jones theme. This is to be expected. But as for the principle musical body of the film itself, I would BEG you: please DO NOT reuse John Williams’ music from the earlier Indiana Jones films. PLEASE, please allow Williams’ music to remain untouched and unedited
in this fourth Indiana Jones film, without resorting to reusing cues from the first three films.

For fans of John Williams like myself, one of the greatest pleasures of cinema is to enjoy a brand-new, brilliant Williams composition. I have enjoyed John Williams’ music since my earliest childhood, treasuring the score both within the film, and in isolated form in my music
collection, and Williams’ music has always been something very important and very special to me. I can’t stress enough that, to a fan of Williams, there is nothing more dissatisfying than watching a “new” film, such as “Attack of the Clones” or “Revenge of the Sith“, and hearing repeatedly reused clips from a different Star Wars film. The music from the Phantom Menace was fantastic, but it was so disappointing to hear the SAME, EXACT music reused for sequence of “Attack of the Clones”. Or hearing musical segment from “Empire Strikes Back” reused in “Revenge of the Sith.” This is a very unfortunate, and disrespectful, way to treat John Williams music.

If it wasn’t for John Williams, your films would have NOWHERE near the success that they have enjoyed. John Williams is one of the most legendary composers ever, and he deserves to have his film music kept INTACT and AS HE WROTE IT in the film, and not shamefully chopped apart and reused in different films.

So please, I beg of you, afford John Williams the luxury of keeping his score intact for Indiana Jones 4. Let him write the music as he sees fit, and DO NOT EDIT IT! Keep it in the film the way he wrote it! The fans will appreciate it, and you might be surprised that the film will become an even better production as a result.

Thank you,

Rob Marsh

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