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May 10, 2007


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I wish more people knew about this site. A search engine, built around yahoo’s engine, that donates a penny for every search to any charity that you specify. The results don’t always seem as robust as google, but for general surfing, I’ve been impressed, and it’s nice that there are so many charitable organizations to choose from.

May 2, 2007

Jon Pertwee – the COOLEST Doctor Who?

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Youtube can be an awesome thing. Lately I’ve been going through the early years of Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor Who (most of these episodes are posted, in entirety, on youtube), and I have to say, I really regret that I didn’t explore these episodes sooner. Pertwee is an all-around fantastic actor, and his spin as Doctor has to be one of the best “generations”, if not THE best.
Unfortunately, I think I had originally only caught a little bit of Pertwee’s spin as the Doctor before getting drawn into Tom Baker’s Doctor, who admittedly is very charismatic and fun. Pertwee initially reminded me of ‘Maude’ from the ‘Golden Girls’ (his foppish clothing didn’t help matters) and I think I just sortof dismissed this Doctor (regrettably) but now that I revisit these earlier episodes, I see that it was really my mistake to not look into these episodes with more attention.
First thought about Jon Pertwee is that he’s an outstanding actor in and of itself. He’s convincing, a clear speaker, and commands authority (something that later generations of the Doctor are really lacking, Tennant especially.)
The outfits he wears, namely the foppish, poofy shirts with the cape, do seem a little outlandish at first, but they really grow on you after awhile. They really fit the outlandish nature of an ancient time-lord venturing about time and space solving crimes. Pertwee just looks RIGHT dressed like this. I can’t figure it out.
By far the coolest thing about Pertwee is his ‘Venusian Karate’, which seems to have all but vanished from every subsequent generation of the Doctor (this seems completely mystifying to me… I mean, how many times has a post-Pertwee Doctor been subdued, when this could have been avoided with a good Venusian neck chop?) Pertee is swift with his karate, and makes it looks so good too! In one episode (can’t remember the title… something with a rock planet and rubbery natives with spears…. But that could be countless ones…) he not only catches a spear that’s thrown at him, but then proceeds to turn around and fight off the enemies using the same spear. Too cool…
In ‘Day of the Daleks’, Pertwee not only smacks down an attacker with one karate chop, but immediately following this, coolly turns around to take a drink! The attacker advances again, and Pertwee just calmly turns around and sends the guy flying with another smack. What style!
Another thing I love about watching Pertwee is how he frequently stands up, and tells off, authority figures (like the Brigadier) with complete confidence. He calls another head scientist (in ‘Inferno’) a “nitwit” (it just sounds so good the way he says it.) The guy just rules as the Doctor.
Pertwees interactions with his companions is very genuine and cordial. He just seems like a really nice guy (having not read much about him in real life, who knows if this is the case. I should read into his background more). Jon Pertwee is quickly becoming my favorite of the Doctors, and the writers of the new Doctor should really look back at some of of these episodes of the third Doctor and really take to mind what and extraordinary actor Pertwee was, and focus on finding a high-caliber actors to fill the role of the Doctor (and focus less on their exhausting special effects and sappy, uninspired writing).

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