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March 18, 2009

“Building Findable Websites” – an excellent resource for building traffic

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building findable websites by aarron walterI’ve been reading “Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond” by Aarron Walter, and I’ve found this to be a very helpful resource in regards to building a findable website, something ideal for DSCOMIC, a less-than-findable website (and, according to this book, sadly in need of optimization). Walter presents a very good overview of ways to help make a website more “findable” in search engines, and goes into plenty of detail with ways to optimize the content of one’s site for the sake of bolstering traffic.  The book is rich with content and I’ve really been enjoying the material, although it does get a little heavy at times for dummies like me.

Another thing notable about this book is that Walter doesn’t waste much time with impractical tangents but instead stays focused on specific, practical examples of things that you can do and research to beef up web traffic, and I’m find that I’ve been taking copious notes of things to look up later, or try, etc.  The ideas presented here are rich, and the book serves as a good springboard of topics to futher researching online.

The science of the search engines is really fascinating stuff, especially how there are techniques to obtain higher search engine rankings based upon how and what someone puts into a blog:

good = Viable backlinks, alternate text for images, strong/em tags, etc…
bad = Filling your website with spammy words just to get traffic (britney-britney-britney-britney….)

I haven’t finished this yet, but what I’ve gleaned so far it’s been very valuable. And yet, it’s interesting to note how technology changes so quickly, and this book, although only about a year old, doesn’t make any mention of plugins like CommentLuv or things like Twitter (maybe a newer version of the book does?)  (and you know, I need to read a book on Twitter next, because I still don’t get it.  Twitter = what did you eat for breakfast?)

Anyhow, “Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond” offers some valuable information about understanding web traffic and search engine optimizing, and some valuable do’s and don’t (I’m probably indirectly doing too many of the “don’t” here, but hey, DSCOMIC is mostly about learning at this point, that, and keeping the comic running on a daily basis. I should actually be more concerned with keeping a steady supply of comics ready… oh, and finding a wealthy Hollywood agent to buy the rights to the title already!)

And, you know, having just written this post, I wonder if I followed the correct web standards as described in the book….? (probably not.)

March 17, 2009

Entrecard, both a promotion tool and a way to find other decent blogs

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my entrecard image for december sunI recently added the Entrecard code to my website, because I’ve come across this frequently when searching through other blogs.  It’s an interesting enough feature for a site: as I understand it so far, it’s a way to create your own advertisement card (like a business card) and then campaign to have this appear on other sites, using some sortof virtual credits that you build up to ‘buy’ advertisement on other sites (how and where these credits come into the picture I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I seem to be slowly accumulating these somehow.)

Anyhow, what’s cool about this is the fact that you can select who can and can’t advertise on your site.  This level of control is nice: you give the approval for an ad and the ad content will not change: it’s the same ad that you gave the ok for (unlike, say, Project Wonderful, which I’ve really enjoyed adding to my site and learning about; but every now and then, some questionable image will appear in their ads, like a half-naked anime character.  I thought I had my Project Wonderful ads set to be ‘family-safe’ or something, but again, I’m still getting the hang of this stuff.)

Anyhow, another feature of Entrecard that’s pretty cool is that, when surfing, if you’re currently logged into Entercard, and you find another Entercard advertisement on a site somewhere, there’s a ‘drop’ option below the ad, so that you can “drop your business card” to the site owner.  Pretty nifty!  I’ll admit, I’m pretty dense, and this wasn’t as intuitive to me at first, but now I’m slowly starting to get the hang of this, the more I toy around with it.

Entrecard also gives you a profile page with summary, so other Entrecard members can learn more about what is about.  While “campaigning” to add your advert to other sites, you get some controls to view various categories of other member sites, to learn more about what’s out there.  Some blogs are cheap to advertise on, and some are fairly expensive.  I’m 8-credit things, which I don’t know if that’s good or not…  :)

Anyhow, Entrecard is worth checking out.  It’s a good way to advertise while also being able to find some other interesting sites online.  I haven’t figured it out completely just yet, but so far I’m impressed.

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