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March 2, 2009

Fancast – sortof like Hulu, just, well… no, it actually is just like Hulu

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So I looked over the selection of shows and films at Fancast, and can’t help but notice that this site seems, more or less, just like Hulu, with the same format: you can find some tv shows or lackluster movies, and you can watch them with some ads tossed in. I’ll admit, I like the convenience of this new system, and hope that it picks up and the selection improves, but like Hulu, the selection of shows and films is just mediocre to me.

In fact, looking over the film selection of both sites, I can’t help but be reminded of my year working at ‘Family Video’ as a video store clerk, and the time spent reshelving one bad film after another. Even today, I can’t walk around Blockbuster without seeing so many films that just hold no interest whatsoever to me. I don’t know what the intended audience was for some of these films, but there they sit, gathering dust. And now there they are again, online for free (with minimal commerical interruptions)

But amongst the forgettable turkeys of Fancast, they do have an interesting and slightly-obscure Sean Connery film called ‘The Russia House’ which I’ve posted a link to below (hopefully, unlike Hulu, they won’t take this film down anytime soon! What’s the point of offering to embed films from your site if you’re just going to take the film down again, Hulu?) Anyhow, ‘Russian House’ features a head-spinning plot, lots of terse board room meets, NO actual violence, some unfortunate profanity, and a remarkable Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack, blending elements of jazz with rich, romantic strings. If for no other reason, check out the film for the music by the late, great Goldsmith.

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