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February 24, 2009

IHOP free pancake day!

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It’s free pancake day (Feb. 24th, 2009) according to the IHOP website. And every time I’m at IHOP (which is rare, actually) the place is always jam-packed with folks. It’s amazing how they keep that place running. From the website’s description, it sounds like the pancakes are free, but they are hoping to raise money for charities as well on their free pancake day, which is really cool.

The thing about pancakes, though, is that they are much like coffee: they are super-cheap to just make at home. Plus I’m also something of a fan of “real” maple syrup, and I don’t think that was something they had available the last time I was there.  Also, it’s nice to get away from the crowds and noise, although sometimes that can be lively and entertaining to be around.

The other thing about IHOP that I’ve never really looked into before is, is there anything hydrogenated in their pancake batter?  I know that some batter-products like Bisquick are loaded with hydrogenated oil, and I’ve wondered if the IHOP pancakes are the same way?  Not that it matters… I’ve just been ranting about IHOP for the last couple paragraphs with no real intention of going in again.  

But I do respect that they have the free pancake promotion and that they give back to charities on this day.  Very admirable.

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