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February 26, 2009

The Health Revolution Petition

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I’m glad to see things like this Health Revolution Petition, put together by Mike Adams, editor of It’s got a number of good points to it, and I did sign this, yet I can’t help but wonder if it will make any difference. I agree with most of the things posted in the petition, especially the part about “End mandatory vaccination requirements” (I’ll post more vaccine thoughts one of these days, yet for now I agree that this should be the decision of the parents, not the government.)

For something like this petition to be effective, though, there would have to be a huge overhaul of “the system”, and there’s just too much money funneled into the government for the optimistic thinking of this petition to make a difference. Still, it’s nice to see some like-mindedness on some of these issues.

February 4, 2009

Met Life: Purveyors of Pain!

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Reading over my last dental statement from Metlife, and it looks like, for some sadistic reason, Metlife doesn’t cover analgesia or nitrous.  In other words, they want someone to get dental fillings without pain killers!  Worse is that this was the dental coverage for my 5 year old!  It’s like Metlife learned it’s coverage practice from watching the torture sequences from the film “Marathon Man”.

Normally my insurance gripes are with Blue Cross, for whom anything having to do with acupuncture, chiropractic and homebirth are anathema…. but if you need anything involving a hospital and drugs, they’ll be right there and ready to pay their meager 45% or whatever it is that they grudgingly pay.  But this time Metlife is really disappointing me.  Why would something as simple and necessary as painkiller for a child not be a normally covered expense?  Why not even pay a part of this?  Ridiculous.

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