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February 17, 2009

Mortal Mail – part #2 – initial test works!

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Finally, with a little help from the YDN folks, I’ve got an initial working test of the Yahoo! API app. Click here to check it out, but don’t expect much…

Granted, it doesn’t do much, but it will now confirm the level of your Yahoo! Mail account, whether it’s premium or not (I have a premium account due to my AT&T account, but since Yahoo! has been scrapping it’s applications lately that AT&T customers used to get for free, like Launchcast radio and Yahoo! briefcase, I hope that Premium Mail isn’t something they plan to take away too.)

Anyhow, when start the app, it starts at an initial page, then bounces over to Yahoo! to authenticate the account, then shoots back to a php script that displays if the user’s account is premium or not. It’ll route to a page like this…

Mortal Mail

Welcome to Mortal Mail, Robs sorry excuse to teach himself PHP

We construct the URL

We construct the SOAP client…done

remove the leading Y from the cookie string…done

We set the Y cookie in the SOAP client…done

This is a Premium User

Now I need to spruce this script up a little bit. That’ll probably be a few months from now when I’m finished…

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