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March 16, 2009

‘Superman II’-inspired idiotic behavior

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So when I’m at the supermarket (generally Super Walmart, an empire that has banked countless thousands from me over the years) and I’ve unloaded my bags into the trunk, I return the cart to the cart collector thing (whatever it’s called) and, when I’m nearing the cart collector, I generally give the cart a push and pretend that I’m Superman, yes, Superman, saving the French folks of Paris, but instead of being a bomb in an  elevator, it’s a horrendously-heavy and deadly shopping cart that needs to be pushed into space… Yeah!

March 11, 2009

Superman II: random musing…

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So I’ve been rewatching the somewhat silly film ‘Superman II’ which, at age 10, seemed a lot more convincing than it did now.  I see it now, and it’s just plain goofy.  And not quite appropriate with children: what’s the deal with the ridiculously inappropriate Lois Lane-relationship thing occupying far too much of this film?

Anyhow, it’s no secret that I really did NOT like “Superman Returns”.  I watched it once, hated the story and the music, then tried ONE MORE time to get through it and couldn’t.  I just didn’t care so I stopped it.  But one thing that stood out to me just now was a glaring inconsistency with Superman II and Superman Returns, both of which supposedly take place back to back (and I can’t fault Bryan Singer for wiping out Superman III and IV from the continuity, although I am partial to IV simply for cheesiness value.)  Superman II ends with Superman’s final dialog to the President of, “Sorry I’ve been away so long… I won’t let you down again…” then he flies off and smiles for the camera. 

In Superman Returns, however, Superman decided to ditch the earth and spend 5 years looking for the lost planet Krypton.  So apparently the whole “sorry I was away” thing and the “I won’t let you down again” thing was just a bunch fo bologna for Singer’s story, even though Superman Returns supposedly follows RIGHT after this?  So, what happened?  Why did Superman tell such a ridiculous mistruth to the US President?  And why am I over-analyzing this silly (II) and awful (Returns) pair of films?

February 12, 2009

“4 Film Favorites: Superman”

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I just found the “4 Film Favorites: Superman” at Target, for around $9. Not bad considering you get all 4 films bundled together, with a couple extras on each disk, too.

I’ve been rewatching some of these, with ‘Superman I’ being the best, ‘Superman II’ decent, ‘Superman III’ laughable, and ‘Superman IV’ being atrocious yet entertaining (and it’s worth noting that Superman III and IV, for all of their massive faults and silliness, still trump ‘Superman Returns’ any day of the week.) The constant of all of these, that keeps them so watchable, is Christopher Reeve. It’s like, no matter how ridiculous the story, the special effects, the other actor’s acting, etc, Christopher Reeve just makes the film good. Everything about him just looks like Superman.

I’ll probably write some reviews of these along the way. This collection is good for the price.

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