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February 28, 2012

On my plate – 2/28/12

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Working on a revamp of a gospel book that I started last year, and managed to lose the original files (“save freqently – save often”). It’s actually providental in losing these files, as I ended up drawing two new pages to add to the story, and I like this new version a lot better.


April 5, 2011

December Sun #5 – Page #23

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The end.

January 18, 2011

December Sun #5 – Page #22

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A little late, but here it is.  So my hope is that Steven Spielberg, seeing this page, will finally be convinced to offer me a boatload of cash for the rights to the screenplay, which I will write and draft up story-boards for.

Either that, or page #23 will be here in a couple weeks.

December 20, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page #21

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I don’t do very many splash pages, mainly because I think they are lazy and rip off the reader, but here’s one.  The robot was big and it seemed to deserve a page of it’s own.

November 18, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 20

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Yep, more silliness in the panels of this page, including some sloppy sound effects (I’m not very good at sound effects, as you can tell.)  And of course, each panel is all about broadcasting the obvious.  Good stuff…

Now if I could only get Spielberg to check this out and offer me a big gob of cash for the rights to this comic, all would be great…

October 26, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 19

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Page #19, a decidedly sillier page, and the first ever to incorporate Courier font (used by the big robot… I love big destructive robots.)  There is also lots of very basic exposition which makes for mirth-filled amusement.

September 28, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 18

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More evil cabal gabbing…

September 9, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 17

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The next few weeks look to be busy ones, so going to get this posted now and out of the way.

Now a note about this: Bull is eating a sundae made with hydrogenated bacon grease and pills as sprinkles, which is not advisable. So just a reminder, this is a work of fiction, and not based upon facts. The reader is strongly advised not to engage in the activities of the characters, especially having any contact with hydrogenated oils or pills which may cause serious injuries or death.

The key to Bullbeast was revealed back in issue #1: he’s got a freaky, reverse metabolism that puts to use toxins and garbage granting him additional strength and powers. Adam is used to observing this sort of thing but for Rick its a spectacle of disturbing fascination.

August 30, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 16

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A sillier bridge page, as the action continues. Not really much more to say.

August 3, 2010

December Sun #5 – Page 15

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Over a month late, but here’s the next, erm, exciting page of dialog.  I debated cutting this, but it makes a nice bridge for the next page.  The big deal with this page is, of course, “weapon prime”, whatever that is.  Notice the ironic comment about software quality assurance, which is funny, I think, because I used to be a QA for about 10 years.

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