December Sun

Various silly books I've written. All-ages and mostly immature.
Dads toenail Dad's Toenail A book written by my friend Andy that I illustrated. Silly stuff about a missing toenail and its practical usage. Available here and here Dads toenail - Book 2 Toenail Fairy Tales - Sequel to Dad's Toenail, involving toenail-themed stories and adventures and immaturity. Toenail Hero saga is the third in the toenail series and features super heroes, elves, fairies, soldiers and other strange and wonderful things Toenail Hero Saga third book in the toenail series. Features super heroes, ponies, elves, fairies, super soldiers and all kinds of silliness. Oh, and bigfoot!
Unemployed public television vampire hunter book cover image Unemployed Public Television Vampire Hunters First book in the public television vampire hunter series. love the cat - a book about a terribly misbehaved cat and the things that happen when he goes and gets into trouble Love the Cat A ridiculous children's book that I illustrated with my daughter Sarah. It's a fairly immature work, but so are most of my books. dumb coloring book Poorly Drawn Wult Dasney Coloring book One of my stupider works. This is just a satirical collection of horribly drawn cartoon characters in coloring book format. It's totally free and it's very stupid.
Multated mediocre public television galactic defenders save the universe! Mutated Mediocre Public Television Galactic Heroes Save the Universe The ridiculous sequel, set in the remote corners of space. inquisitive guereza The Inquisitive Guereza...
An old, tired and somewhat disoriented monkey makes a bad decision involving pushing buttons at an abandoned nuclear power plant.
inquisitive guereza book 2 The Inquisitive Guereza Book 2
Book 2 of the Inquisitive monkey series, involving a mishap at the community college involving overcooked eggs.
methane hybrid link that takes you back to the manor Back to the Manor If you've had enough, head back to the manor with this link. Book cover for a boy named ergo book Ergo The final book in the goofy series focusing on the adventures of Ergo. well that could have gone better Well, That Could Have Gone Better... - Silly book about dialog regarding the end of the world. Available here
reformed fruit Reformed Theological Fruit - Bickering, rotting fruit - basically a heavily-reformed spoof of VeggieTales. This exists in a comic book form, as well as a couple silly YouTube videos I made. freddie mercury Wolvering meets Freddie Mercury - A failed pencil submission I sent to Marvel in the 90's apparently became popular and turned into a meme. I never got the job with Marvel though... reformed fruit Dracula, Ergo, Terror! - A 4th spinoff book from the Ergo series involving vampires, monsters and network marketing

The Inquisitive Guereza Monkey and the Post-Soviet East Bloc Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant Kindle Edition
by Rob Marsh
December Sun