December Sun

December Sun trade paperback The December Sun trade paperback is a monster that assembles all of the content from the first five issues of December Sun. The comic is over 100 pages and basically assembles over 10 years of story and artwork.

Also included are a large number of deleted pages, including a sizable alternative ending to issue #4 that, like a lunatic, I decided to scrap, rewrite and redrawn. You can decide if I should have kept it the way it was.

Also included are a few pages when I was ready to completely eliminate the character entirely, during a time when I was ready to give up the character and move on. As it stands, December Sun is still ongoing, just at a much slower pace. But the "alternate FINAL ending" pages are still included as well...

It's available at Ka-Blam right here

Samples are also available on the December Sun page here.

December Sun